Sunday worship

image-06d86096dfb52713c6f7638b784f1f16038b14336f0e1d36da171a68e3cb6d6e-vPetropavlovsk Church «Redemption» bases its work only on God’s Word. We love to worship the Lord and expect of His presence and appreciate the power of the Holy Spirit. By visiting our church you’ll be able to make sure that the Bible, worship and the anointing of the Holy Spirit play great role in the life of each of us.

It is important for us to take care of each other — the Bible teaches us to do so, and we are trying to really show the love of Jesus Christ. Of course, we humans can not even be fully aware of the magnitude and depth of the love with which Christ loved us, but we try to go all out, day after day and week after week to learn more about God and to be more like Him in everything.
image-dc507d0d31162222de32dc8ec141d6a89bf61f657dd722becf649a597cd1bd28-vSermons, spoken from the pulpit during the service, are well prepared, thought out, drawn up on the basis of the Bible, and you can feel the presence of God by listening to them. The Bible has the answers to many questions of concern to human. Christians can grow spiritually and get answers at the service. In the first Corinthians the Apostle Paul encourages us to strive for love. Love for our neighbor is our main goal and we are showing the love of Christ by our good deeds.

We invite you to visit our Sunday Service
Each Sunday at 11a.m.
Our address: Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk,Partizanskaya street 44
Pastor: Vadim Arsent’ev
Contact phone numbers:
8 (7152) 53-24-61
8 (705) 101-75-32

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